The Michigan Department of Natural Resources defines invasive species as "non-native species that have the potential to become established and the potential to spread widely and cause ecological or economic harm or pose a risk to human health."   Of particular concern for the preservation of our beautiful Omena Woods are four insects:

Asian Longhorned Beetle
Balsam Woody Adelgid

Emerald Ash Borer
Hemlock Wood Adelgid

For more information on these and other invasive species check out this website:

Michigan Department of Natural Resources:  The state agency committed to the conversation and protection of natural resources has an extensive information section on their website about invasive animals and plants in Michigan.   On this page you'll learn more about invasive species, get a profile of invasive animals and plants and the DNR's efforts to control them, find links to state and federal laws governing invasives as well as photos and descriptions.  You can also download publications on managing invasive species.