Invasive species are not a new problem.  Many of the plants identified today as invasive species arrived with European immigrants to the area.   Invasive pests, like Emerald Ash Borer, have come in shipments of goods from around the world.   Without natural controls they can wreak havoc on our environment.



For a list of invasive species that threaten the environment in Michigan or that have been spotted in nearby states click on the green type.   In addition to the information on that page you'll find links to Michigan State University Extension and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality pages that provide more information on these invasive plants.

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For a partial list of invasive pests that threaten the beautiful forests of Michigan click on the headline above or the link at the bottom of this column.  Some of these pests area already identified in Michigan, some have been found in nearby states.  From this page you'll find links to more information about these pests and how to fight them.

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