Membership has Many Benefits

Preserving natural spaces benefits us all.  When we eliminate our natural areas through development everyone suffers, from the wildlife whose habitat is destroyed to the individuals who live in a community stripped of its soul-restoring green space.

To continue the Omena Woods Association commitment to preserving our beautiful peninsula we need your help!  There is strength in numbers and increased membership is critical to influencing what happens in our community.  As development needs grow there will be continued pressure to expand and change this area – threatening some of the things that make it so appealing.   The OWA is committed to being prepared to purchase parcels of land that fit our mission.

Please consider a membership today.  In addition to conserving green space on this beautiful peninsula, membership in the Omena Woods Association offers other benefits, including:

  • As a property owner your land’s value is enhanced by protecting the lovely natural areas that draw us here initially.
  • You become an owner of the woods as a stock holder in the Omena Woods Association.
  • You have voting privileges and can participate in decisions about the future direction of the woods.
  • You and your family can enjoy hiking and skiing on the lovely recreational trails.
  • As an association member you can rest assured that your interests are represented at local government meetings where the discussion focuses on shared interests, zoning and land use.
  • And, most of all, you’ll experience the sheer delight that comes from soaking in the peace and beauty of our surroundings

To learn how to become a member, click on this link to see the two membership options for Omena Point residents.