Dedicated to Preserving and Protecting
the Natural Beauty of the Omena Peninsula


For over 40 years the Omena Woods Association has helped preserve the natural beauty of this special place – a unique part of the world – keeping it relatively untouched by development and urban sprawl.

The association was formed in 1976 by a small group of concerned property owners on Omena Point.  Their goal – to preserve the peninsula and surrounding area and protect it from the threat of development.  Because of their efforts our serene woods and sparkling waters remain relatively untouched.  Dedication and commitment works!

Since those early days the membership in the Omena Woods Association has expanded dramatically as have our land holdings.  Today we own almost 134 acres of prime land.   Not only have the woods been preserved, they now feature recreational trails to enhance our enjoyment of this special place.



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meadow recovery

Since 2009 we've been taking action to restore the Omena Woods meadow.  Read about project process here.

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