meadow recovery

In 2009 OWA began a Meadow Recovery Project.   Details of the plan are available by clicking on this link

- phase one -




- phase III -

Meadow recovery efforts began in August 2009 when a group of committed volunteers spent three days opening clearings, rerouting and opening walking trails and marking lost lot lines.  Accomplishments included:

  • Opening up the clearings on all sides.
  • Rerouting and clearing the north south trail.
  • Configuring a second trail.

Plants removed included both native "thug shrubs" like sumac and invasive species.   Among the plants removed were:

  • Sumac
  • Juniper
  • Autumn Olive
  • Multifloral Rose
  • Tartarian Honeysuckle

Volunteers for the project included Dusty MacDonald, Bob Krist, Jim Miller, Chuck Dickerson, Lin Emmert, Kim Kemper and Linda's sons Will and Ward, Bruce Balas and grandson Sam and Marlin Bussey.  A special assist came from non-member volunteer Jim Charter.

For a complete report of the three-day volunteer work effort that got the meadow recovery effort off to a great start click here.

Phase II of our Meadow Recovery Plan took place in August of 2010 when, for two days, another work crew dug in worked in hot, humid weather to expand the boundaries of the clearings, clean up and improve the trails, remove invasive shrubs and plan more native wildflowers.

Volunteers for the 2010 effort included Bob Krist, Dusty and Jan MacDonald, Lin Emmert, Chuck Dickerson, Bob DeVries, Keith Disselkoen, Walt Gaudette, Jay Grosmark, Bruce Balas and his grandson Sam and Marlin Bussey.  Jim Charter assisted for a second year, bringing his tractor and brush hog and Jeff Dailey of Kal Excavating assisted with chain sawing, chipping trees and brush and hauling woodchips.   A big thank you also to our student employees Jesse Fox, Eli and Abe Kalchik and Mike Flees.

To learn more about Phase II click here to read the full report.

Persistence pays!  The 2011 workbee focused on completing our objectives for Meadow Recovery.   This was the final phase of the project designed by Saving Birds Thru Habitat and approved by the Board in 2009.

Volunteers for the final stage of the project included Bob Krist, Lin Emmert, Janet and Chuck Dickerson, Bob DeVries, Bruce Balas, Gary Roll, Lynn Sutton, Jeff Drinan, Bill Sulau, Karen Bussey and Marlin Bussey.   Jim Charter of Saving Birds Thru Habitat was hired to provide brush hog services and Ray Hogarth of Kal Excaving buldozed the gravel pit.  Student employees were Jesse Fox and Graham Kelly.   To learn more about the completion of this project click here for the full report.